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Harmonica Shah Blues Band - Tell It To Your Landlord Full Album 07:17
Harmonica Shah - 05:02
Harmonica Shah - Deep Detroit 51:48

Harmonica Shah - Deep Detroit

47.42MB 30 September 2017
Harmonica Shah - Listen At Me Good Full Album 01:30
Harmonica Shah    ~   Listen At Me Good  Full Album  2006 01:39
Baby, You Have Got to Change 04:47

Baby, You Have Got to Change

4.38MB 13 November 2015
Harmonica Shah - Duke And Queen Blues 04:31
Duke and Queen Blues 04:29

Duke and Queen Blues

4.1MB 19 January 2015
Live In The D: Monday - Jeff Grand & Harmonica Shah 04:42
Harmonica Shah - Death Bell Tollin' 10:23
Harmonica Shah - If All You Have Is A Hammer Full Album 01:34
Harmonica Shah & Howard Glazer   ~   ''I Heard You Was At The Casino''  2003 07:42
HARMONICA SHAH - I'm Guilty 08:21


7.64MB 18 October 2011
Harmonica Shah & Howard Glazer     ~    ''Guilty''   2003 08:26
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