Hi-C - I'm Not Your Puppet

1K1DD23 11 Years ago

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Hi-C - I'm Not Your Puppet
  • Judul: Hi-C - I'm Not Your Puppet
  • Video oleh: 1K1DD23
  • Waktu putar: 06:07
  • Ukuran: 5.6MB
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  • Dirilis: 11 Years ago
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Lirik Lagu Hi-C - I'm Not Your Puppet

Here's a little story I'd like ta tell
About a situation guys and girls know very well
Everything is fine and dandy and you love it
'Til dope make you treat another person like a puppet

[Verse 1]
Now I talked to this girl for about two weeks
And I've been many places and seen many freaks
But this girl was just fly, her body good lookin'
I was a fish just flappin' and she was like hookin'
I got to know her by spending some time
She gave me things of hers for some things of mine
Everything was goin' good, couldn't nothing go better
Anything she wants to do, Hi-C would just let her
Wasn't like them other brothers trying to screw her up
I would rush her to the mall, and straight cold do her up
Have her draped when she by my side
I want the girl to look good when she rollin' in my ride
But three weeks later, I noticed a change
Somethin' wasn't right, she was acting kinda strange
Took some money out my stash, and stuffed it in her purse
You're thinkin' things are gettin bad, man, it's gonna get worse
Well, looks like I got myself a few problems
But me, being Hi-C, you know I'm gonna solve 'em
She ran out the house, and broke down the street
Stopped to buy some crack from my homeboy Pete
I couldn't believe what I was told
He gave the freak double-up for a thick piece of gold
So I creeped up on on the girl, and said "Yeah, I caught ya
And by the way, where's the link I bought ya?"
Now this girl must've lost her mind
Scraping up dough with some things of mine
I wanted to beat her. better yet stomp her
Break out the 12-gauge and full of buckshots pump her
But I said, "Nah, forget it, I'ma chill
This girl need help, she's mentally ill"
She start to trip, she got to spending my grip
So I just had to rip the pipe out her lips
She cried, "Crawf, please gimme some money"
I promise I'll stop, please, come on, Crawf', honey"
I felt sorry for the girl 'cause she's being misused
It was the crack and the devil, riding to abuse
This relationship just ain't gonna last
Girl, you're gonna have to get rid of your past
'Cause yeah, you're on my di-di-ding-a-ling
Tryin' to tie my arms and legs with a string
My money? Mmm hmm, I know you love it
But let me tell you one thing I'm not
I'm not your puppet

[Interlude 1]
("So listen up to what we say because...")
("Smoke primos 'cause she thought it tastes good")
Yo, girl, get off my [ungh]
("Man, I wouldn't touch that...") ("You...") ("Why?")
("And with your wrinkled [ooh!] I can't be your lover")

[Verse 2]
Hopped out the bed about three o'clock
Stumbled to the door when I heard the knock
I thought, "Man, now who in the heck could this be?"
When I got to the door, she said "Crawf', it's me
I thought we supposed to go out this week"
I said, "Not tonight girl, I'm 'bout to go back to sleep"
But by being a big booty heckuva freak
Before I closed the door, she blocked the way with her feet
She pushed her way in, didn't use much force
She said, "I know we goin' out," I said "Yeah, of course"
I'm staring at this girl wonderin' if she alright
'Cause where in the heck we supposed to go this time of the night
But the only thing that was on my mind
Was just jackin' this girl for her big behind
She thought that I forgot that she was the one that was smokin' rocks
I looked at the girl and said "Babe, you know what Steve said?"
Your butt ain't nothin' but a basehead"
She disagreed; she said, "Stop lyin'"
Her feelings were hurt, so she broke out cryin'
I said, "Baby, you gotta help yourself
Don't expect help from anyone else"
This relationship just ain't gonna last
Girl, you're gonna have to get rid of your past
'Cause yeah, you're on my di-di-ding-a-ling
Tryin' to tie my arms and legs with a string
My money? Mmm hmm, I know you love it
But let me tell you one thing I'm not
I'm not your puppet...

[Interlude 2]
("Three days later...")
("Oh...you gotta give me some now")
[It's all because of me]
("I woke up fussin'...") ("Thinking to myself...")
("Who knows where the f... her lips been")

[Verse 3]
The girl was dumb, she was straight out sprung
If dope was a rope, then her soul was hung
Well, one day, I went to see my DJ
The grand, incredible, wizard Tony A
Got to his house, then I knocked on the door
The fool didn't answer, so I banged once more
I wondered, where in the heck he was at
So I jumped off the porch, then I bailed to the back
He was there 'cause I heard the system thumpin'
Went up to the window, "Jack Move" was bumpin'
I grabbed a crate just to peek through the window
The trick I kicked it with was getting played like Nintendo
Jumped in the window and I said, "What's up?"
Tony had her hyped up, he was driving her nuts
She seen my face, and she started to scream
I said "Shut up, girl, you know the routine"
Popped the tape in the deck and we rocked back and forth
From the east to the west, the south and the north
I got tired and said "Man, I quit"
Tony A said, "Crawf', look at this chick"
She grabbed a rock, and I started to flip
Baby, wanted to smoke, man, this girl was a trip
She said, "Yo, check this out, man
My dope smokes in a pipe and it melts in my hand"
Girl, you're just a fool, your life is going too fast
I know this relationship just ain't gonna last
'Cause yeah, you're on my dick, dick, ding a ling
Tryin' to tie my arms and legs with a string
My money? Mmm hmm, I know you love it
But let me tell you one thing I'm not
I'm not your puppet...

[Interlude 3]
Well, I bought her a chain, Reebok boots, and a skirt
And she clucked it
Then she went in my pants, and she took my keys
And stole my bucket

Yo, the little story that I just told
About a girl who's living life with her head that's swole
Dope ain't me, Hi C can't cut it
Girl, I know you love it
But I'm not your puppet...

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