Joell Ortiz - God Forbid

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Joell Ortiz - God Forbid
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Lirik Lagu Joell Ortiz - God Forbid

Crack Music

[Verse 1]
Every now and then I ball flex
And flex bars like Dominique Dawes, no giving my arm rest
I rest arms in a arm rest, take a long breath
I turn that run down a coffin while taking crawl steps
Real rap Im hearing New York's back
Like we left, like I ain't always have New York's back
Just for years bars wasn't something New York backed
Now we trying to recoupe like they bringing two doors back (nah)
I been a man with the word play, play with words 'till the words playin your [?] and it throw you back like a Thursday
On my worst day, all my verbs sway like a earthquake
And the curb caves in like a hurt [?] when he first [?]
Man, I hope they learning while I'm spitting
Somebody better tell 'em, they ain't heard that I was different
Let a frog jump and I'ma burn 'em with this smith 'n
Have his man standing there like Kermit with the Lipton

God Forbid they try play with me (yeah)
Gon' be a long day with me
God Forbid they try play with me (yeah)
Gon' be a long day with me
Real talk, yaowa

[Verse 2]
Man, stop urging these emerging lil' shitlets
They was lurking through the curtains
I was purging with the written
Every person with a pencil is a potential murder victim
Wave it at any angle and murk you
I mean, what is this? It's magic in all positions
Like Earvin before the sickness
I'm just a hood brother that loves nutter butters
But another rug rats blood could touch my rug cutter
Y'all lucky the persian in mom's crib is a motherfucker
'Cause I ain't beefin', just eatin' with my amigos
Sometimes my ego trip, 'cause my kids rather hear Migos
I'm like come on y'all, listen to new me
But I ain't doing bad in my Boujee so
This Porta-potty is for papi and Puerto Rico
From poor eating porridge to posher pouring [?]
Por favor, now pour more for my people
Underneath the floor, long before they was post to be [?]
So, now that I can carry on with a carry licensce
And carry along a very long clip, if you carrying on
Wildin' out or just leave the Mariah Carey songs
High pitch screams and pallbearer that carry you on

God Forbid they try play with me (yeah)
Gon' be a long day with me
God Forbid they try play with me (yeah)
Gon' be a long day with me

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