She's Got Papers On Me - Richard Dimples Fields

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She's Got Papers On Me - Richard Dimples Fields
  • Judul: She's Got Papers On Me - Richard Dimples Fields
  • Video oleh: CecilOsculations
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Lirik Lagu She's Got Papers On Me - Richard Dimples Fields

Five a.m. is the hour
And we just took a shower
Once again I'm headin' home
But I'm satisfied, mmm, to the bone

Like so many times before
You had me beggin' for more
Now I'm runnin' home to her
When it's you I prefer

She's got papers on me
She's got papers on me

And I'm gettin' tired of sneakin' in
Lyin' 'bout where I've been
How long can this go on
Pretendin' to love someone who just don't turn me on

And every time I taste your sweet, sweet lips
I make up my mind to abandon the ship
And man, oh, man, she's crampin' my style
I look in her face and see your sweet smile, but

She's got papers on me
She's got papers on me, oh

(She's got papers on me)
(She's got papers on me)

Oh, sometimes I wonder what she is getting out of it
You've taken every little bit
You're gettin' all my love and then some
Leavin' her just the crumbs

And life it isn't like it was
Doesn't she know it's you that I love
Girl, you're more than just some broad I wine and dine
You're the sweet little thing, the sweet little thing
The sweet little thing that's always on my mind

(She's got papers on me)
Always on my mind
Girl, you're always, always, always, always on my mind
(She's got papers on me)
But she's got these papers on me
And she won't set me free
I never should have kept the game
(She's got papers on me)
But I found out about you too late
What am I gonna do about that, baby
Oh, yeah, yeah, babe

Well, well, well, what have we here
I know you thought I was all the way on my job by now
Well, I forgot my sweater and I'm on my way back
And I started to thinkin'
You sure been actin' strange lately
And what is this I hear when I walk up to my bathroom door
You singin' 'bout some other woman
Let me tell you somethin', Mr. Look So Good
From now on this house is where you used to live
My, my, my
Don't we look pretty in that suit my money bought
You better come on downstairs and have a seat
But don't you get too comfortable now
'Cause you won't be here that long
Now I'm not even sure, I'm not exactly sure about what you're doin'
But I know you're doin' somethin'
And I gave you the best years of my life
Tryin' to be a good mother and a good wife
I made you what you are, you hear me
I paid the house notes, I put you through school
I paid for that pretty car you ridin' your woman or women 'round in
Now if I can't be number one, I will not be number two unless I wanna be
And right now I'm in no mood to be number two
That's right I got papers on you
And you do understand, my dear, that you must pay me to be free
That's what I said
You're gonna pay me for my years and my tears
And all my wasted years
And I know bein' with me hurts you
And I mean, you don't dig my anymore, but I'm hurtin' too
And you can tell that dizzy broad
You know, the one you singin' about
The Miss Sweet Little Thing that's always on your mind
That I'm not lettin' out of this unless you buy me out
I'm not goin' through no more hard times or bad times
'Cause I can do bad all by myself, all by myself
Yeah, but I got papers on you
But now I'm throwin' 'em in the trash can of my memory
Now take your little albums and your raggedy component set that never worked
And you can scat
You hear me
Hmm, just use my life up, use all my body up
Use all my time up
Boy, I don't know what to say about you

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